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The Art Of Poker Bluff

Here, no exact science: a good bluff separates great players from simple amateurs. If you ask them what the rules are, they will say that the only way is to get rid of any rules.

The Real Definition Of Bluff

Everyone thinks they know what bluffing in poker is: simulating the possession of cards different from the ones we have.

However, We Can Distinguish 2 Main Bluffing Techniques:

  • Overplaying your hand, in other words pretending to have the best when you have nothing or not much. Objective: make opponents sleep as quickly as possible. All means are good: raise (raise), go all-in …

  • Underplay his hand, which is also called “slow-play.” You know you have the best hand, for example, Aces, but you just call. Objective: make the pot grow as large as possible… to better catch the opponents at the end.

Use these techniques sparingly: if players see you coming because you abuse them, these maneuvers will simply become ineffective.

Seize Opportunities

Two situations are favorable for bluffing: having the position and facing an easy target.

In The Right Place At The Right Time

The most classic case is called squeeze, which consists of stealing blinds and possible preflop raises from other players by betting big on the button. Used wisely, this technique allows you to grab the pots without taking big risks. Indeed, if despite everything you are called, you have the best position, and you will have no trouble making the opponent fold if he does not find his flop.

Conversely, facing an aggressive player, speaking first becomes a real advantage: in this case, it is often the first to bet who will win the shot.

Choose Your Target

Generally Speaking, Your Main Targets For An Aggressive Bluff Will Be:

  • Wide raisers – aggressive: only by betting really hard will you make them fold

  • Weak, passive players: a slightly high bet or raise is enough to impress them

Cultivate Your Image

The most important thing is to cultivate your credibility and your image at the table. The way you have played so far will directly influence the level of hand from which your opponents will tend to follow you (with weak pairs if they do not take you seriously or on the contrary with really strong hands).

For Example:

  • if you have raised several times in previous hands, do not try the devil

  • If you have played very little before, you are likely to be respected at the table, and opponents will not imagine that you can attack with poor cards.

Online, know that your image is not limited to your style of play on a game, but in the long term: beware of trackers and other assistant software.